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    Money Making (eassy way)


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    Money Making (eassy way) Empty Money Making (eassy way)

    Post by Elruco on Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:23 pm

    The easy way to make money as a bigginer pirate!
    Its not very hard and just need to be passive and calm.
    We want our pirate to get money fast but not to easy there for we got the woodcutting quest!
    Requirments: You will need An Axe (Can get that on Black Smith)/ WoodCutting Skill/ 500 Woods!

    On the NPC Name: Ash Wood Trader- Cords (2205,2791)

    Money Making (eassy way) NPC

    When you talk to him you will have 3 quest, i recommend you to take the bottom one.

    Money Making (eassy way) NPC-1

    After you get the quest you go to any part of argent were you start cutting the money tree trade!
    They are located all around argent!

    Money Making (eassy way) NPC-2

    When you get your 500 wood ash log Turn The quest and you get your 200M

    Money Making (eassy way) NPC-3

    Just keep doing that until you get the perfect amount of money to buy everything you need to become a Real Pro Pirate!

    Thank you guys for your time!
    I hope you guys enjoy and have fun!

    Money Making (eassy way) Elrucosi

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    Money Making (eassy way) Empty Re: Money Making (eassy way)

    Post by Admin on Sat Jun 18, 2011 12:52 am

    Nice Man Razz lol!

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